About DJ Mentors

How Can We Help You Become a Better DJ?


Helping You With Simple Strategies and Frameworks to Quickly Get Up to Speed and Progress as a DJ.


Access Beginner DJ Resources to Build Your DJ Skills and Knowledge.


Connect with Like Minded People on a Musical Journey.


Unique Live Training. Courses and Classes, Tailored to you.

Connect With The Community

DJ Mentors will help you get to the next level. Lets, Lead and Learn with Music Technology.

Meet Dan.

I started DJ Mentors as a resource that I wish that I had when I first wanted to DJ.

No course, or YouTube video prepared me for the real world and that is why I created the personalised style of training and mentoring DJs.

DJing has changed my life and shaped my career. Hundreds of my proteges have also improve their lifes through music while having fun in the process.

Meet Ron X.

A DJ Mentors, Ron is one of our collaborators who has spent many years mentoring young kids in the art of DJing.

He helps to "create sustainable jobs for the youth and keep them out of the clutches of gangsters and crime" in rough neighborhoods.

If you want to support Ron's Work, you can donate directly to the Underground Pro DJ Academy using the link below.